Case Studies

When Gordon Williams commenced as Landcorp Farming's Business Manager in 2003, PF Olsen was already managing Landcorp's forestry planting and silviculture operations in Northland. He was so impressed that before long he made PF Olsen responsible for Landcorp's forest management operations (excluding harvesting) across all of New Zealand. Gordon now works with PF Olsen staff based in Kerikeri, Rotorua, Napier, Gisborne, Masterton, Greymouth and Dunedin.

PF Olsen took over Wrightson Forestry Services in 2006 and as a result took over the Wrightson harvest contract with Landcorp at the same time. PF Olsen has managed Landcorp's harvest operations ever since. Harvest operations have taken place in Northland, Central Plateau, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Otago and Southland since this time. 

Sound planning by the harvest managers is essential as is the selection of a suitable harvest crew. The harvest crews need to be well-suited to working in the farm environment where greater care is necessary due to the situation with land type, fences and tracks and the ongoing communication with the Farm Manager and farm staff.

Having contracted PF Olsen to manage its harvest operations for some years now, Gordon has found that the harvest gangs engaged in the various regions have been ideally suited to the jobs and this has resulted in a minimum of disruption to the farming operations.

Sound management of forestry in sensitive environmental areas is also a feature of PF Olsen's expertise and Landcorp has progressed several properties through the FSC [Forest Stewardship Certification] process.