Case Studies

Bob Pocknall from PF Olsen's Hawkes Bay office likes to add value to clients forests every step of the way.

Getting close to retirement now, Bob was grateful to be able to see Terry, Margaret and Jenny Burns' forest investment bear fruit. Initially Bob assisted with selecting a site for the project, considering various factors such as topography, soils and location.

Bob was central to the purchasing of good quality trees and hiring a suitable crew to plant the block. Careful supervision ensured all trees were planted correctly.

PF Olsen also guided the Burns through the pruning and thinning operations with an average pruned height of 6.4m being achieved.

"Seeing the block physically harvested was a great conclusion to a 23 year project. We have found working with Bob, through PF Olsen Limited a very rewarding experience.

The professionalism that Bob has used throughout the years and his advocacy of the quality of pruned trees for our block was absolutely spot on.

This was very apparent through the harvesting by the quality and quantity of the wood harvested.

Many years of working in the industry and building relationships with companies certainly helped in running a seamless harvesting operation."

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