Our Leadership Team

At PF Olsen, our senior leadership team (SLT) is committed to optimising the value of forestry for a better future. We believe that a great workplace is essential to achieving this goal, and we strive to create an environment where our employees can thrive. To achieve this, our SLT has agreed to hold themselves accountable against a set of "ground rules" that guide our decision-making and interactions.

These ground rules include:
  • Having a clear purpose and common direction,
  • embracing change with an open mindset,
  • agreeing on priorities,
  • making time to reach consensus,
  • supporting each other with patience,
  • behaving consistently and exercising self-awareness,
  • challenging our own biases.

By adhering to these ground rules, our SLT is able to work effectively together and lead the way in creating a sustainable and prosperous future for the forestry industry.


Introducing the senior leadership team