Wood Matters

Clarky's Comment - Mud and Logs – A big problem

Other than best practice during a harvest phase my single piece of advice to both forest landowners and to those living and cropping on the flood plains below our steep hill country is to check your insurance policies. You may need to call on them!


Log Market - June

The European and USA markets continue to have strong demand for clear lumber produced by New Zealand mills. The domestic demand for clear lumber remains steady apart from the decking sector which experienced a disappointing decking season.


Pre-planting workshop

This year’s annual PF Olsen annual pre-start planting workshop was held on the 14th of May at Ngongotaha Bowling Club.


Quick Six - June

This month we introduce the Quick Six as a regular monthly feature. These are six topics of recent forestry related news items that we have chosen to share with you. We hope you find them informative, educational and enlightening.


Clarky's Comment - Expanding Domestic Wood Processing in New Zealand

On 26th April MPI sponsored a facilitated workshop to get ideas from industry leaders on how to achieve more domestic wood processing. While many well-canvassed issues were reaffirmed, the very fact that so many forest growers and processor leaders were willing to participate alongside each other and officials was a sign that the opportunities are real.


Log Market - May

New Zealand mills producing sawn timber from unpruned logs report steady domestic sales while not as spectacular as last year in some regions.


Where have all the haulers gone?

As a follow-up to the industry census of cable logging operations last undertaken in 2012, a comprehensive survey of all harvesting operations currently operating in New Zealand is underway.


Clarky's Comment - new climate change report

A report commissioned by Westpac and carried out by EY and Vivid Economics has just been released that reinforces the common-sense logic that earlier action on reducing our NZ national net emissions will be less costly to the economy over the period up to 2050 than delaying action now and having to play catch-up with shock policy changes to get back on the Paris Agreement trajectory in 2030.


Log Market - April

New Zealand mills producing non-pruned lumber continue to work through a subdued domestic market with sales down on last year for Quarter 1. It is difficult to read the current market as some buyers may be increasing purchases before the lumber price rises in May.


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