Wood Matters

Log Market and Ocean Freight - September 2010

Last month we reported that in mid August we were getting strong signals that CFR prices had stabilised in China at USD120/JAS m³. We are pleased to further report that August was in fact a trough from a decline in price that commenced in April of this year.


Clarky's Comment - August 2010

Last week I presented at the 6th Australia – New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference in Sydney. The take home message was despite residual opposition from the farming sector, we are fortunate in New Zealand to have a pragmatic ETS in place.


Future Forests Research News - FFR

Forest Stewardship Council(FSC) is very important for forestry companies who are supplying logs to customers who require independent certification that their wood products are sourced from well-managed sustainable forests.


Log Market and Ocean Freight - August 2010

August has seen continued reductions in wharf-gate prices around New Zealand. Export log prices fell some $2-6/JAS m³ as ocean freight costs rose and CFR prices continued to drop (CFR prices are the US$ denominated prices in destination ports).


Carbon Market, Sales and Carbon Forestry

Domestic prices for NZUs has strengthened marginally since last month in line with slight firming of CERs. However the prospect of a big increase on the supply side from pre-1990 forest allocations, fisheries and trade-exposed industries is keeping price expectations down.


Carbon Market

On the 1st of July 2010 the energy, transport and industrial process sectors joined the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).


New ETS Guide for Forest Owners

After getting feedback after a presentation to the annual conference of the Society of Chartered Accountants, PF Olsen has prepared a set of Guidelines aimed at helping smaller forest owners and their advisors make better decisions regarding the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).


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