Wood Matters

Log Market - November 2010

The market has continued its firm trend with stable demand and prices in the domestic market and a further increase in export log at-wharf-gate(awg) prices in November.


Drug and Alcohol Testing Improves Forestry Safety

Managing workplace hazards in the forest is an ongoing challenge, but one we can not afford to ignore – the mechanisms of injury and the potential for serious harm are great. PF Olsen and its contractors are committed to eliminating hazards and providing a safe and healthy work environment.


Log Market - October 2010

As mentioned earlier in Clarky's Comment, presentations by Gerry Van Leeuwan and Russ Taylor on both Russia and China wood markets were a highlight of the recent ForestWood conference in Wellington in October.


Carbon Market

Trading on the domestic market continues to be light with a lack of supply of NZUs and sellers holding off for higher prices.


Clarky's Comment - September 2010

This month's Wood Matters has a focus on safety. I thought I'd comment on a related matter that can help contribute not only to safety, but also to better commercial and environmental outcomes – the significance of clear work processes and procedures, and the importance of sticking to them.


Log Market and Ocean Freight - September 2010

Last month we reported that in mid August we were getting strong signals that CFR prices had stabilised in China at USD120/JAS m³. We are pleased to further report that August was in fact a trough from a decline in price that commenced in April of this year.


Clarky's Comment - August 2010

Last week I presented at the 6th Australia – New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference in Sydney. The take home message was despite residual opposition from the farming sector, we are fortunate in New Zealand to have a pragmatic ETS in place.


Future Forests Research News - FFR

Forest Stewardship Council(FSC) is very important for forestry companies who are supplying logs to customers who require independent certification that their wood products are sourced from well-managed sustainable forests.


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