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Drug and Alcohol Programmes making Forestry Work Sites Safer

In 2002, the Health and Safety in Employment (HSE) Amendment Act added impetus to urgency by clearly showing that '…a situation where a person's behaviour may be an actual or potential cause or source of harm to the person or another person; … resulting from … drugs, alcohol…' is a hazard that must be managed by employers.


Clarky's Comment - March 2012, Forest Grower Commodity Levy

PF Olsen Ltd strongly supports the introduction of a levy on logs harvested to fund pan-industry good activities. While the NZFOA and Farm Forestry Association voluntary funded activities have served the industry well in the past, some changes taking place now suggest that may not be a sustainable model into the future.


Log Market - March 2012

A sizeable and abrupt price drop in March is being seen by some as an early start of typical seasonal (winter) weakness in the export log market.


Carbon Forestry

NZU price was relatively stable in February trading around $8 for the whole month but has fallen to below $7 this week.


New Staff - March 2012

For the last three years, whilst studying for her Bachelor of Forestry Science, Lana has worked for the PF Olsen Christchurch team during the summer breaks. Andrew has joined the Rotorua accounting team as Management Accountant.


Log Market - February 2012

Since our last market report, the NZ forestry sector took its annual break from business and endured an unpleasantly wet Christmas/New Year holiday period and China heralded in the Year of the Dragon with the largest modern migration of people's travelling to their home areas for the celebrations.


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