Wood Matters

Log Market - June 2012

The export log market continued to post price increases, predominantly exchange rate driven and, sadly, a major domestic sawmill in the North Island, Ahead Lumber (near Pokeno), goes into receivership.


Wetland in Production Forests

Wetlands are one of the rarest ecosystem groups in New Zealand. They were disproportionately affected by clearance for agricultural production, being common on fertile lowland valley floors and plains.


The Emissions Trading Scheme and Forestry - May 2012

NZU prices traded through April in the $7 to $8 range but fell below $7 at the end of the month and are currently trading around $6.20. This decline is a combination of a volatile European market, lack of demand domestically and increased volumes being offered on the market.


Log Market - May 2012

While financial markets waiver with renewed concerns of Greek and other Euro-members debt, New Zealand log exporters benefit from a falling NZD and brighter prospects in global timber markets.


NZ Wood Builds Momentum in Wood Promotion Campaign

You may have seen the reappearance of the NZ Wood advertisements on TV recently with the key theme of wood's performance and environmental credentials (see NZWood Story). This is probably the most publically profiled component of what is a much broader and strategically focused campaign.


Clarky's Comment - April 2012

The New Zealand Forestry Science and Innovation Plan - January 2012 (S&I Plan) is one of a series of industry initiatives within a broader New Zealand Forest and Wood Products Industry Strategic Action Plan.


New Staff - April 2012

Following a number of years practical forestry experience in the Nelson region, Ben Friend completed his Bachelor Forestry Science and Commerce in 2010.


Log Market - April 2012

Despite export log prices being well off their highs of last year, and A grade being below $100/JAS m³ for several months now, many New Zealand ports and port service providers are reporting record-high log volumes.


An Holistic Approach to Erosion and Land Management

Future Forests Research Ltd (FFR) recently organised a very topical workshop in Gisborne on the subject of erosion on steep lands. Attendance drew from a wide range of invitees including central government agencies, local government, several Crown Research Institutes, Federated Farmers, forestry companies and Environmental Groups.


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