Wood Matters

Log Market - July 2011

Export log prices dropped a further NZ$20-25 in July after similar price falls in June. Domestic log prices were slightly down with some increases and some decreases depending on grade and location.


Testing Times for Carbon Market

Several developments in Europe resulted in a rapid and large drop in the price of carbon on the European Union emissions trading market in June. Some commentators are calling this the biggest test for the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme since its inception.


Nikau Forest Developments Benefits from being Harvest-Ready

Nikau Forest Developments Limited owned 38ha of 33 year old radiata pine located in the Marlborough Sounds. Well in advance of harvesting they obtained the necessary resource consents, had a harvest plan, and had built a log marshalling site and barge ramp to facilitate harvest operations.


Clarky's Comment - June 2011

This month I want to comment on labour supply for planting. Each year we cope with about 40,000 ha of replanting nationally without too much difficulty.


Clarky's Comment - May 2011

The storms that swept the North Island on 27th April caused extensive damage to both forests and farmland. Windthrow in forests just north of Taupo is being harvested now.


Supporting Eucalyptus fastigata

The potential rewards of growing eucalypts in New Zealand have captivated many foresters over the years resulting in a range of species being planted over thousands of hectares. However, with the benefit of hindsight, it's fair to say that the genus has not lived up to expectations yet.


Log Market - May 2011

Harvesting levels remain generally high across the country with increased activity in areas such as the central north island where large areas of wind-blown trees from the storms in April are quickly being salvaged to recover as much value prior to fungal deterioration in the wet conditions.


The "Harvest Ready" Message Affirmed

About five years ago Evan attended a forestry conference at the Mission Estate hosted by PF Olsen. This was informing farmers and landowners with farm forestry the requirements to be harvest ready and the planning involved.


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