Wood Matters

Critical Stage in Forestry Research

Three big Government funding contracts totalling $5.8M come to an end on 30 September of this year. These contracts, supported by $1.0M of funding from Future Forest Research (FFR) membership fees, have supported the FFR programmes in Radiata Management, Diverse Species and Environment since the formation of FFR in 2007.


Rare and Threatened Species Sightings

There is a common misunderstanding widely held in New Zealand that our plantations are poor suppliers of habitat for our native biodiversity. While it is true that a plantation will never be able to replace a well developed native forest in terms of its total provision of habitat for native species, it is well established in science that New Zealand's plantations can and do provide important habitat for native biodiversity.


Log Market - February 2013

Hot dry weather is generally positive for forest harvesting activity (apart from the fire danger or fire incidents restricting activity). Fortunately, fire activity has been relatively subdued in New Zealand as it was spared the widespread destruction from fires in Australia.


Workplace Safety critically important in 2013

With the publication of the Pike River enquiry late in 2012, and the government clearly very serious about implementing the recommendations from that, and reporting back of the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Safety due by the end of April we can anticipate a lot of Board of Directors and senior management focus on workplace safety throughout 2013.


A bit more forest area but less pruning

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) recently released the 2012 annual National Exotic Forest Description (NEFD) report. This report describes the area and compostion of New Zealand's planted production forests.


Spectacular growth from Eucalypts

The potential reward of growing eucalypts in New Zealand has captivated a great number of foresters and farm foresters alike. The allure of very rapid growth, high quality fibre, attractive & durable timber along with pleasing aesthetics are just some of the many reasons for planting eucalypts.



This is the last edition of Wood Matters for the year. Many of the articles this month have a reflective tone, which often happens at this time of the year.


Log Market - December 2012

At-wharf-gate NZ prices lifted $2-$5/JAS m³ across most export grades on the back of a slight easing in ocean freight rates, neutral NZ$/US$ cross-rate and an increase in CFR pricing (price at destination port in US$).


ANZ Sums up Impending "Wall of Wood"

The term "wall of wood" conjures up graphic images of a "tsunami-like" wave of wood rolling inevitably and menacingly into our lives and economy. Between 1992 and 1997 a massive 432,000 hectares of mainly Radiata pine was planted across New Zealand, mostly by investment syndicates.


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