Wood Matters

Improving the ecosystem for Kokako habitat

The Kaharoa Kokako Trust has been successfully working to save a population of kokako in 700 odd hectares of native forest since 1997. Pine plantations managed by PF Olsen are adjacent to the area so the Trust was delighted when contacted by Sally Haddon, Environmental forester at PF Olsen, with an offer of assistance.


Wind damage research

There has been a wind damage research programme at Scion for over 30 years. There was a lot of activity in this area following Cyclones Bola and Bernie in the 1980s.


Kauri dieback

Programmes and public awareness of this disease threatening our iconic Kauri tree is gaining momentum.


The challenges of expanding wood processing in New Zealand

Most agree that more domestic processing of our forest produce in New Zealand would be a good thing. It is also essential if we are to achieve the Woodco mission to achieve export revenue of $22 billion by 2022. What is less clear, and where there are many divergent opinions, is how to go about it.


CutoverCam zooms in on cable hauler safety

As part of the FFR Steep Slope Harvesting Programme, supported by the government's Primary Growth Partnership, Scion researchers have developed a cutover camera system to improve the safety and productivity of steep country forest harvesting operations.


Log Market - October 2013

The well-publicised partial US Government shut-down due to stalled talks over lifting the Federal debt ceiling level was having widespread impacts.


Waiotahi kiwi

Waiotahi forest, located in the Waiotahi Valley southwest of Opotiki, is a known hot spot for the North Island brown kiwi.


Clarky's Comment - September 2013

It is clear from comments made by Climate Change Minister, Hon Tim Groser, on Radio New Zealand's Rural News programme (19th August) that there remains a lack of understanding about both the level of forestry investment (and divestment) taking place in New Zealand, and the direct link of that to domestic climate change policies.


Contractors focusing on the future

The Australian Forest Contractors' Association, with support from PF Olsen Australia and a number of other industry players, has been running a series of highly successful seminars around the country focused on the theme "Business is Different Now".


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