Wood Matters

Clarky's Comment - September 2014

It is too early to determine whether NZ plantation forest safety and the focus by WorkSafe and forest owners/managers over the past 12 months is yet impacting on the forest industry's safety performance.


Log Market - September 2014

September saw another export log price increase, building on what is becoming a strong rebound from the dramatic slide in prices during the April to July 2014 period.


Safety Profile - Sam Sinclair

Sam manages the trucking operations for Ken Holmes and both of them serve on the Zero Tolerance Scheme – which is a sub-committee (working group) under our PF Olsen, Central Safety Committee. Recently Sam put together a Photographic Survey detailing Safe Driving Behaviour especially as it relates to dealing with large vehicles on forestry roads.


Hunt Log Shear

Stephen Hunt from Hunt Contracting is utilising a log shear to remove the roots of wind blown trees.


Clarky's Comment - August 2014

This month I draw readers' attention to the published findings of the Commerce Commission in a Preliminary Investigation into Eastland Port Ltd's log storage and wharfage charges.


New Channel to Market opened by PF Olsen Australia

Last week I watched the first train depart Bathurst, in central western NSW, loaded with 42 containers of Radiata pine logs destined for China – the culmination of two year's work to create an alternative market outlet for private forest growers in the region in the absence of significant domestic market options.


Sponsorship set to continue

PF Olsen has been a strong supporter of the Kaharoa Kokako Trust (KKT) in recent years and has provided valuable sponsorship to the Trust since 2012. KKT is very excited that PF Olsen have just confirmed this sponsorship is set to continue for another 3 years extending the relationship between the two organisations.


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