Wood Matters

Kiwi gets helping hand

Addressing the declining population of not only kiwi, but also kereru and North Island robins, the environmental benefits of the Omataroa Kiwi Project have been significant with kiwi survival rates up over 50 percent.


Alternative environmental certification - PEFC

Many of our Wood Matter’s subscribers will be aware that there is a second forest management certification scheme now available in New Zealand. It is known as the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification or (PEFC).


New staff

This month we welcome a familiar face, Josh Penn returns to the PF Olsen team and will be based in Whanganui. Also joining the team are an administrator for the Wellington office, forest supervisor for Northland and Group Accountant, based in Head Office.


Frank's good things

Frank is a Harvesting Crew Supervisor for PF Olsen who always has a good word for those he sees taking initiative. The following are three good things he has seen recently.


Clarkys Comment - May

The importance of building on our already strong political, trading and people-to-people relations with China is well understood by the NZ government and many in the business community. Representing the forestry sector, I was recently part of a 40-strong, business delegation to China led by Prime Minister John Key. Interestingly, the Australian PM had earlier taken a 1,000-strong delegation, proving conclusively that it takes only 50 Kiwis to achieve what it takes 1,000 Australians!


Tree Weed Exemption

The Ministry for Primary Industries has given public notice inviting applications for exemptions for the clearing of pre-1990 land comprising of predominantly exotic tree weeds.


Log Market - April

With the relative stability in the markets at present, Wood Matter’s Log Market report digresses a little this month to contemplate the significance of the global trend of more multi-storey wooden buildings and we also report on a mill visit to Taranaki Pine (New Plymouth).


Afforestation Grant Scheme

The government have a goal of 15,000 hectares of new forest planted by 2020 under the revised Afforestation Grant Scheme (AGS), administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries.


Manuka Establishment Basics

A summary of the basic requirements and recommendations for Manuka establishment has been compiled as a starting reference point for landowners considering establishing Manuka on their land.


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