Harvesting options for small woodlots

Harvesting approaches and access to cost effective technology for small woodlot owners can be challenging. These challenges are often compounded by establishment decisions that resulted in woodlots being poorly situated relative to necessary infrastructure, such as public roads. In addition, traditional harvesting equipment can result in farm damage as well as be forced to operate at sub-production levels, which can severely affect harvest returns for small growers. To help support more informed choices for small woodlot owners Forest Growers Research recently commissioned a report looking at the viability of adapted farm equipment, as potential alternatives to traditional harvesting equipment. The work, undertaken by Forme Consultants, explored the potential of a Valtra forwarding tractor and concluded that such solutions provide a cost-effective and viable option for harvesting small farm woodlots. More detailed information on this report can be found here:  VALTRA Tractor: A forwarding solution for small forest growers

In a second report, Forme Consultants looked at the potential for reconfigured MAN fertiliser spreader trucks, as another possible forwarding solution. As with the modified Valtra tractor study, it was concluded that MAN bush trucks provide a cost effective and physically viable option for harvesting and using specialized fertiliser spreaders as the basic structure, meant that these systems were well suited to use in farm settings. More detailed information on this report can be found here:  MAN Bush Trucks: A forwarding solution for small forest growers