Council Long Term Plan’s

Please be aware that around the country many Regional and District Councils are currently going through the process of updating their long term plans (and possibly other plans as well). While the Environmental Team at PF Olsen does it’s best to ensure that we read and submit on anything that we think will impact your forests, it is also helpful if you read and submit on your local plan/s as well. In the past month PF Olsen has submitted to:

  • Ruapehu District Council on their Land Transport Forestry Targeted Rate and Environmental Resilience Rate
  • Waikato Regional Council on their Protecting our Biodiversity proposed rate and Consent/Permitted Activity Fees and Monitoring
  • Waikato Regional Council on their Regional Pest Management Plan

However, we are also aware that both Horizon’s Regional Council and Nelson City Council recently had their long term plans open for submissions – we did not submit on these plans as we were not aware of them until the submissions had closed. In these cases we rely on other forestry companies local to the area to submit on the wider issues that may impact plantation forests (as they rely on us to do the same). While some councils are very good about notifying land/property owners about anything in their plan/s that will specifically impact them (Ruapehu District Council sent all forest owners a letter outlining the proposed targeted rate changes), other councils may only notify through their website and local newspapers that their plan/s are open for submission, leaving it up to you to read the plan/s and to determine what will impact you.

So, please check with your council to see if they have any plans currently up for renewal, and thus open for submissions. If you find something that you think will affect planation forestry and its operations in your proposed local plans, please write your own submission as the more feedback Councils get, the more robust and (hopefully) user friendly their plans are.