Congratulations Mangoihe Logging Ltd

The Southern North Island Forestry Awards evening was held on Friday night at the Awanui Function Centre in Palmerston North and we’re proud to announce that one of our outstanding CFG contractors, Mangoihe Logging Ltd, took out the Contractor of the Year award and deservedly so.

Contractor of the Year award recognises the entire team or company which provides outstanding service to the forestry industry.

​​​​​To be eligible for this award the company must:

  • Deliver with conviction in areas of production, health & safety, and human resource management.
  • Deliver their service with a quality output.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership skills.
  • Be endorsed by forest owner or manager.  Show good character with being positive, honest and reliable.

PF Olsen, on behalf of its client CFGC Forest Managers (NZ) Ltd, currently manages the Craigdean forest situated approx. 20kms north west of Hunterville. Through the foresight of CFGC(NZ)’s SNI Regional Manager Scott Gordon, we have the benefit and pleasure of working with Mangoihe Logging Ltd to manage the Craigdean harvest, which commenced fulltime in October 2020.

Mangoihe Logging Ltd runs a fully mechanised harvesting operation, consisting of a roadline salvage component as well as clearfell grapple yarding capacity, complete with a tethered felling system. They are tech savvy and invest in safe and reliable machinery and equipment. Staff training and upskilling is front of mind and well supported and invested in.

The focus on planning is a key component in the success of Mangoihe Logging, time is taken to physically assess each harvest area well in advance, while employing some rather fundamental technical tools in doing so.

The Values, Attitudes and Beliefs displayed by Mangoihe Logging Ltd sees priority focus on the Safety and Wellbeing of its staff, along with the protection and enhancement of the environment, including the land it works on, and with Bryan on site leading/directing the day-to-day field of play and Olivia diligently managing the administrative side of the business, Mangoihe Logging has a recipe that delivers a level of service that exceeds client expectation.

PF Olsen was instrumental in endorsing the nomination of Mangoihe Logging Ltd and extends its heartfelt congratulations to Bryan and Olivia McCarthy and their staff at Mangoihe Logging Ltd for an excellent achievement, won on the back of sound leadership, positive crew culture, respect and care for the wellbeing of one and other, along with demonstrating high levels of H&S, Environmental and Quality performance, all reflective of a truly professional organisation.

Crew members along with their partners, including Bryan’s wife Olivia McCarthy (4th from the right) and Bryan’s very proud mother Diane McCarthy (standing next to Bryan holding the framed certificate).