Farm Forestry New Zealand

The Farm Forestry New Zealand Association has their annual conference coming up in March and Innovatek has their Carbon Forestry 21 conference in June. PF Olsen is supportive of both these events.

Farm Forestry New Zealand Conference

The Farm Forestry New Zealand Conference is on the 24-28th March in Wellington. This year the topic is Trees in a political landscape. The programme includes:

  • Interest group meetings
  • Council meeting and AGM
  • A day of speaker sessions and panel discussion
  • Two and half days of field trips.
  • Awards dinner

You can choose which days to attend. 


Carbon Forestry 21

Carbon Forestry 21 is on the 15/16th of June in Rotorua.

This informative conference is organised by long-time industry conference partners, Innovatek, in collaboration with Government and investment groups. We are offering pertinent pre-conference and post-conference practical workshops to add further professional development opportunities.

Coinciding with renewed interest in trees for carbon farming the Government has reformed the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). It has done this through the Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading Reform) Amendment Act and related regulations.  Hence it is timely for a korero on the changes which have taken and place and will impact carbon forestry investments and their owners.  In June 2021, our industry-focused conference will update, inform, and clarify legislation, trends, and the growing scale in this area of land-based investments.