2020 Planting Season

The 2020 planting season is in full swing after a few setbacks from drought and Covid-19 lockdown. PF Olsen will this year establish over 16,000 hectares spread around the country.

The Rotorua Forest Management team hosted their annual pre-planting start up workshop on the 2nd June in a Red Stag owned forest near Tokoroa. After a wet and grey long weekend, the sun broke out early to provide the perfect weather conditions for planting trees and hosting the outdoor workshop. Eighty five people turned up for the occasion including six planting crews, two inventory contractors, the Rotorua forestry team and other PF Olsen representatives.

The crews rotated around four different workshop seminars focused on health and safety, refreshing planting skills and getting back into the planting mindset. The workshop is part of a broader initiative to improve workplace culture by rewarding consistent work attendance, high quality work and the removal of drugs and alcohol from the work sites.

Crew members will receive $70 grocery in the mail each month if everyone in their crew passes the monthly drug test and they achieve over 70% on the monthly scorecard. TDDA performed a drug test on every worker who attended and there were only four non-negative results (6% of all tests). This is a major accomplishment and shows how far we have come since establishing the initiative four years ago when the rate of non-negative tests was over 20%.

A smoko shout of pies and muffins catered by the infamous KK Bakery topped off the morning.

 Planting containerized stock at Pongaroa.



Prepped site in Balclutha