Investment Opportunities


An offer for land owners to receive between $3,500-$4,700 per hectare in return for planting their land in pine.

A PF Olsen client is looking to offset deforestation liabilities and is willing to pay between $3,500-$4,700 per hectare in return for having new forestry land established as an offsetting forest. The landowner will retain all the rights to the future harvest value, though will forgo the carbon rights for the area established as an offsetting forest.

This could suit you. The significant upfront payment will cover the cost of the planting, and the remaining funds can be used for whatever purpose the land owner wants.  Further planting, ongoing management, a new boat etc. 

As part of establishing an offsetting forest, the land parcel allocated to the offsetting forest will change land classification.  So if you plant an offset forest on your land, that area is classified as “Pre-1990 land”, and needs to remain in forestry. It can however, be harvested as many times as you like provided it gets re-established in forestry. The need to replant only applies to the area allocated for offsetting and does not impact any other part of your property, so you remain in control of what’s done on your land!

There are several ways to spin this opportunity in your favour…  Say you have 100 hectares to plant.  Why not plant 75 hectares of it as offsetting forest, and then use the additional funds to plant the remaining 25 hectares. Under this scenario, the landowner retains 100% of harvesting income over all the forestry and can also claim the carbon income off the 25 hectares that is not part of the offsetting area…A win-win!

This opportunity is only open on a first in first served basis, so call today to discuss how it can work for you.

Forest Purchase

We have been made aware of several bareland and cutover land for sale opportunities in various regions around the country.  Some with real estate agents are being actively marketed and others yet to come to the market.  These range from 50 hectares up to over 200 hectares and many represent an investment opportunity for PF Olsen clients and business partners. 

If you are interested in looking at one of these opportunities please contact Hamish McGregor on 021 494 761 or Hamish.mcgregor@pfolsen.com.  Let us know your preferred region and your ideal size and we will link opportunities with investors.

Please note PF Olsen cannot act as a real estate agent for a commission. For these opportunities we will link the possible investor with the contact on the ground and can provide advice and analysis for the investor.

Forestry right

PF Olsen has a large client looking for forestry right opportunities with a focus on growing good timber and carbon.  Do you have post 89 land that could or should be planted in trees?  Would you like a partner to fund the establishment and management of the trees and possibly pay a rental or take a stumpage share.  A forestry right may be for you.  If you are interested in linking with a forestry right partner, please contact Hamish on the details above.