Risk management in an uncertain future

Managing risk associated with New Zealand’s largely monoculture plantation forestry sector is a key component of the Forest Growers Science and Innovation Strategy. However, finding alternatives to our highly productive Radiata estate, that are also compatible with existing domestic supply chains, is no easy task.

Not wanting to shy away from the challenge, Forest Growers Research has recently commissioned a report from Scion to start that dialogue. The report is separated into two phases, the first phase focuses on threats associated with biosecurity in a world of climate change and increased globalization. This report is available on the FGR website:  Biosecurity Risk to New Zealand Forestry. The second phase is currently underway and explores opportunities of “like-for-like” replacements to Radiata as well as the potential for further diversification via alternative use species.

Soliciting input from a variety of researchers, growers and institutes alike, this second report is expected to be released early in the New Year and takes into account known species performance in NZ, siting limitations, silvicultural considerations, disease and pest limitations and ability to deal with changing climatic conditions. In addition, emphasis is placed on wood properties, market uses and ability to fit into existing industrial scale market supply chains, potential for genetic improvement and lead times. Once complete these two reports will form the basis for ongoing discussions with industry (small and large) and government about how to ensure suitable resilience in forestry’s important contribution to New Zealand’s GDP.

Forest Growers Research Conference 2020 – Videos now Online

The annual conference this year was held virtually, statistics indicate that we had well over 160 people join the webinar, which proved informative and enjoyable and included a wide audience joining within New Zealand and overseas.

Videos of all conference presentations are now available on the FGR website

Forest Growers Research Conference 2020