PF Olsen farewell a loved and respected colleague

Ged started with PF Olsen in May 2010 as Business Development Manager for Rotorua Harvesting, where he oversaw a crew of harvesting managers, running up to a dozen harvesting crews at times.

Ged had a very approachable way with everyone and a keen interest in meeting people and working together, all of which lead to him introducing a large number of new clients to PF Olsen.  

Prior to joining us at PF Olsen Ged was working at Kaingaroa Timberlands as its Standing Timber Sales Manager, following an extended period of time working in the UK, prior to which he worked for CHH and before that Fletcher Challenge. 

Ged’s likeable nature and success saw him appointed Chief Operations Officer in 2016 when Peter Keach retired. He was a respected and valued member of the Senior Leadership Team,  which made it doubly hard for him, and all of us, to accept his need to resign in 2018 to focus fully on his family and health.

Ged was both colleague and friend to many of us here and will be greatly missed.