Forest Investment Opportunities

At any given time, PF Olsen is aware of multiple opportunities to be involved or further involved in the forest industry. Here is just a short list (and certainly not exhaustive) of current opportunities that we are aware of.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact Hamish McGregor on 021494761 or hamish.mcgregor@pfolsen.com for further details and/or to discuss further.

  • 100 hectares of 1994 planted radiata in the Wairarapa, for sale land and trees.
  • 235 hectares post 89 eligible forest planted in 2019, Northern Wairarapa for sale land and trees either entire property or 25% share as syndicate.
  • 390 hectares planned 2020 planting, post 89 eligible, for sale land and trees, either entire property or as 25% share as syndicate – Northern Wairarapa.
  • 300-hectare 2020 manuka planting project, with apiculture expertise contracted and existing honey production, carbon eligible, for sale land and trees either entire project or as 25% share as syndicate.
  • Second 350-hectare manuka planting project as above.