FGR Science Awards

Researchers in fields as diverse as nitrogen movement in forest soils, to the designer of a grapple on a helicopter to collect forest slash from vulnerable slopes, have been recognised at the Forest Growers Research Awards at Te Papa in Wellington.

The annual awards ceremony is to acknowledge the science and technology contribution made to the forest industry in an increasingly demanding economic and environmental marketplace.

Hamish Macpherson, PF Olsen, is the recipient of the 2019 award for Research Participation and Implementation.

This award recognises a member who:

  • is committed to supporting industry research programmes;
  • actively participates in industry research programmes;
  • demonstrates positive uptake of research results in the last 12 months.

Hamish was recognised for his development work on a helicopter slash grapple which is used to remove forest slash which has fallen near to waterways. This engineering is a significant development in reducing the risks of slash in rivers causing downstream damage.