AR4 Acoustic Recorders

PF Olsen recently purchased four AR4 acoustic recorders, designed by the Electronics Team at DOC. These devices are being used by conservationists and ecologists around New Zealand to detect both long and short tailed bats, as well as a range of bird species including Kiwi, Fernbird, Australasian Bittern and Spotless Crake, using sound wave patterns to determine if species are present at a site.

Apart from being able to use these devices to meet consent criteria (many councils are now asking that monitoring of certain species occurs as a criteria for judging the success of an operation), we can also use these devices to build up a better understanding of the native species that use plantation forests for habitat or resources. This means that we can then better plan and manage operations to reduce the risk to both the species and to the land owner.

PF Olsen will can supply these devices at $15 per device per day of use, plus normal charge out costs for siting and collecting the devices and interpreting the data. Additional costs may also be incurred if we need to seek expert advice for data interpretation and/or species management. We recommend that the devices are in placed in the forest for at least 4 nights/days of fine weather, to avoid contamination of data caused by wind and rain sounds, and to increase the likelihood of detecting the target species.

If you are interested in using these devices, please contact your local PF Olsen manager in the first instance, or contact our Environmental Forester, Sarah Orton for more information.