Celebrating 10 years of Sustainable Forest Management!

The Rainforest Alliance is one of the founding members of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), the largest sustainable forestry standard setter in the world. Products that bear the FSC mark and the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal are sourced from forests that:

  • Protect endangered species and forest areas of high conservation value
  • Set aside a portion of land as forest reserve
  • Provide workers with decent wages and protect their ability to organize
  • Follow FSC guidelines that determine how, when, and where timber and non-timber forest products are harvested
  • Respect the rights of local communities and indigenous people

Today, the PF Olsen Group Scheme continues to go from strength to strength, consisting of approximately 38,600 ha across 59 forests ranging in location from Northland down to St Arnaud. Access to markets continues to be the main driver of membership, along with an increased awareness by forest owners to contribute to the protection for the environment and society within which their forests exist.

This milestone is a great achievement, a tribute to all of the hard work carried out by PF Olsen staff, contractors and forest owners. It also represents ongoing engagement with councils, environmental NGO’s and other stakeholders to ensure that the Group Scheme forests are managed in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner to the best of our abilities. In particular, PF Olsen has worked hard to ensure that native species are protected and managed and have initiated several wetland restoration projects.

Parties wishing to know more about certification under the Group Scheme should visit PF Olsen's website or contact the Environment Manager, Kit Richards at kit.richards@pfolsen.com.