Contractor Social Wellbeing Survey

The areas of focus include safety, training, industry views, work/life balance, financial, community, environment and demographics.  A snapshot of the results is below with the summary available to read online.

General Safety

22% of respondents believe they have received long term effects from injuries at work. There is also a clear trend in the ability to say no to dangerous work.

Training and Experience

Respondents are spending an increased length of time within the industry, with the number of respondents having worked > 20 years now sitting at 37%.

Industry Views

More people appear to be enjoying their jobs, with 86% enjoying it either “all” or “most” of the time.  The people and teamwork, outdoors and work environment, and the lifestyle and future opportunities were the top three things that are seen as being good about working in forestry. Conversely, poor weather, issues with people, and long hours / early starts were the top three things that were seen as being bad about working in forestry.

Work / Life Balance

Work travel time has seen drastic reductions across the board with 63% of respondents having less than an hour travel to work.


Roughly a third of the respondents either disagree or strongly disagree that their income meets their expectations of the job or that the pay is similar to other jobs they could do in New Zealand.


The results for this section were interesting as there was a larger number of respondents with neutral viewpoints for all three questions compared to the previous two surveys.