Understanding who the public thinks is responsible

Scion recently conducted a survey among ordinary citizens concerning their views on issues and opportunities in the forestry industry. A total of 52 people were approached with clipboards and, among other questions, were asked whom they think should be held responsible to resolve issues in different parts of the supply chain. While the survey was small and the results are relevant to the particular region where the work was carried out, it is interesting to note that the public can often lay the blame for problems on a range of different parties.


Scion has proposed a significant new research project to develop a deep understanding of social license to operate issues along the supply chain. An international team, led by Scion and including Plant and Food Research, Lincoln University, University of Otago, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, University of Tasmania and the CSIRO are proposing to investigate social license across the natural resource sectors and throughout the supply chain in New Zealand and Australia to provide vulnerability maps, understand the best ways for leaders to collaborate to resolve conflict and to understand the role of the media.

For more information, contact Peter Edwards (Peter.Edwards@scionresearch.com) or Carel Bezuidenhout (Carel.Bezuidenhout@scionresearch.com).