China Forestry Group Corporation on forest investment world stage

Henry Lin of China Forestry Group spoke at the recent RISI DANA Fifth Annual Forest Investment Conference in early May 2018. Henry outlined China Forestry Group Corporation’s (CFGC) vision of establishing a super-efficient supply chain from NZ forests to wood products in China. Already a significant player in the China wood products markets, CFGC’s strategy is to create greater efficiencies in shipping and port handling and to build large, integrated wood processing industrial parks close to key Chinese coastal and inland ports. Five are already established and there are plans for eight more. The company operates in USA, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand.

The company is putting skin in the game, having invested in 24 commercial production forests comprising  22,000 stocked hectares all around the North Island of New Zealand. It is working towards having the whole estate FSCR certified.


CFGC is one of a several key purchasers of PF Olsen client export logs with its ability to pay top prices for logs in all market conditions (both in strong and weak market conditions) and who meets PF Olsen’s credit criteria to assure forest owners they will get paid for the logs supplied (see PF Olsen Payment Protection).


Click here to see a video of CFGC’s vision https://vimeo.com/266798591/79783806c8