Consultation starts on fumigant for forest industry to replace methyl bromide

The Environmental Protection Authority has just released application details for approval of ethanedinitrile (EDN) as a fumigant for log and timber exports.

The forest industry anticipates EDN could replace methyl bromide fumigation which is used on log exports to China and India.  Methyl bromide is an ozone depleting chemical. Regulations due to come into effect in 2020 will make it considerably more difficult and expensive to use.

The formal notification is the culmination of protracted and extensive research coordinated by Stakeholders in Methyl Bromide Reduction, and by the manufacturer of EDN, Draslovka, to identify alternative log treatments to methyl bromide. 

EPA seeks public submissions by 12th April and public hearings with the decision making committee will be towards the end of May.  A decision is expected  in early July. 

Forest growers are encouraged to make submissions in support of the application. It is extremely important for forest growers that an alternative fumigant to methyl bromide is available for use by log exporters and importers to protect our exports from unwanted pests.

Further information on EDN can be found at  http://www.stimbr.org.nz/our-news.html

 The link to the EPA web site and details on how to make a submission is below.