Improved access to advice on growing other species

The Specialty Wood Products research partnership is aimed at raising the confidence to grow and process a number of alternative species to radiata pine. The programme follows and builds on work undertaken by the former Forest Service, research cooperatives and various action groups and the more recent Drylands Forest Initiative and Future Forests Research diverse species programme.

With the renewed interest and encouragement of planting under the government’s one billion tree programme, there is increasing interest in commercial timber species other than radiata pine. There is a wealth of knowledge that has been built up on these species over the years but it is dispersed and practical advice on how to grow these other species is not readily available to growers.

Under SWP guidance, publications and articles have been located that are aimed at forest growers and are a simple summary of the main factors to consider when planting these species such as nursery considerations, siting, silvicultural management and potential products.  Having all this information in one place will help ensure that the right trees are planted in the in the right places at the right scale.

Links to these articles and publications are provided from a single location on the Forest Growers Research website for Douglas-fir, Cypress species, durable eucalypt and non-durable eucalypt species. Information on Redwoods will also be added to the site in the near future.

This work has also highlighted that some of the growers manuals will need to be updated as the latest research results become available.

Information on how to grow these species can be found online.