Praise for PF Olsen team in Southland

I commenced my business relationship with PF Olsen in 1998, seeking advice on pruning of young trees on my 38-hectare forestry investment property, which had been established in stages between 1992 and 1995. I met a young forester, David Thode, from PF Olsen’s Dunedin office on site, where he demonstrated how to do the first lift prune. We discussed the future management of the investment, including mapping, inspections, reports and insurance, and pruning, thinning, harvesting and replanting plans.

The result has been that PF Olsen has managed my investment since that date, including all aspects of the harvest of the first 15 hectares at the end of 2017. The aspects that I have particularly appreciated over the years has been the quiet patience of discussions and the clear timely recommendations, which I have always accepted and acted on. I have found the working relationship to be very satisfactory and I look forward to its continuation for the benefit of my three sons.

Finally, I would recommend PF Olsen to any landowners who wish to be involved in forestry investment on part or all of their land, but do not have the time, knowledge or experience to do it alone. If you are in the southern South Island, give David Thode, now Regional Manager, or a member of his team, a call.

Murray Body, retired surveyor and teacher,

(on behalf of The Body Family Trust)

27 June 2018