Safe Start-Up breakfast meetings 2018

In the Central North Island (CNI), keynote speaker Jamie Fitzgerald spoke of his adventures as the quickest rower across the Atlantic, and trekking on-foot to the South Pole. Jamie stressed preparation and the lessons he has learnt had a clear application for safety and were much appreciated by the audience.

The other speakers included Traci Houpapa (OTPP NZ Director), Graham Bates (Worksafe NZ) and Mike Spiers who ably ran a contractor panel. The panel discussion is a relatively new feature incorporated to highlight how the various members of our supply chain (PCBU’s) interact. This includes participation in the various safety committees that are run by PF Olsen. Some of the contractors who sit on those committees spoke about their reasons for doing so, and what they gain from their participation. Additionally, several safety and performance award were handed out.

In Northland the guest speaker was Ret Brown who is now a paraplegic after a four-metre fall. He spoke honestly of his trials and tribulations.

Gisborne had Te Hamua Nikora talk to them about caring for your crew, being a team player and taking leadership in safety.

Dr Paul Wood, the speaker in Wellington spoke of his less than savory past, and how he was able to overcome his circumstances and make positive changes to his life to turn it around.

Nelson and Blenheim joined forces to listen to Wiremu Edmonds as he delivered his (now-famous) “Stand in the Gap” presentation.

In Canterbury the guest speaker was another adventurer, Steve Gurney who is also an athlete and motivator.

Jason Whatuira, who is well known to CNI crews as a great motivator and champion of life choices, spoke to forestry crews gathered in Otago.

2017 CNI Safety and Performance Awards:

As noted above, the 2017 Safety and Performance Awards were presented at the Safe Start Up breakfast. This part of the programme is highly anticipated as contractors compete for the top spots, sometimes only separated by fractions of a point.

Almost everyone commented on how the award recipients managed the situation on the day – both in having their entire crew up onstage with them, and in the quality of their respective acknowledgement speeches. Contractors really did themselves and their crews proud with heartfelt comments on team effort, support of safety culture and commitment to achieving zero harm results. This was a fine display of safety maturity from the CNI forestry operations.

Congratulations to everyone for a job well done in 2017, and a special thank you to the winners and to the sponsors of each award.

McFall Fuel – Top Crew Safety Award: Winner – McKay Olsen Ltd 932

AMS Group – Most Improved Safety Award: Winner – Nation Logging Ltd 6

PF Olsen Ltd – Industry Support of Safety Award: Winner – Nathan Fogden, Intawood Forestry Ltd

Zenitec Clogger 500 – Safety Innovation Award: Winner – Skyline Harvesting Ltd, Crews 95 and 102

TDDA – Safety Champion's Awards: Winners –            

  • (Rotorua) – Bruce & Jodie Simpson, Bruiser Contracting Ltd

  • (Taneatua) – Andrew Jensen, Bay Yarding Ltd 97

FDL – Safety Champion's Awards: Winners –

  • (Rotorua) – Steve Wicks & Peter Olney, Williams & Wilshier Ltd

  • (Taneatua) – Sam Scott, Seymour's Transport Ltd

OTPP NZ Best Hauler Operation: Winner – BALCO Logging Ltd 5

OTPP NZ Best Ground-based Operation: Winner – Hohneck Tractor Logging Ltd 10

OTPP NZ Most Improved Operation: Winner – H&R Harvesting Ltd 75

Most Improved Silviculture Operation CNI: Winner – Forestman Contractors Ltd

For PF Olsen the goal remains the same – Zero Harm!

We are committed to achieving zero harm through teamwork, communication, planning and by all rowing in the same direction (Jamie Fitzgerald story).

We look forward to a positive year and wish everyone success as we work to eliminate harm in 2018.