Safety Champion awards

Safety Champions stand out from the crowd with their commitment to keeping themselves and their workmates safe. At the 2018 Safe Start-Up breakfast two Safety Champions awards sponsored by TDDA, and two sponsored by FDL were presented.

One of the award recipients Andrew Jensen (aka Stretch) was recognised for his initiative, his innovative approach and his consistent support of projects. Stretch is Operations Manager for Bay Yarding Ltd and Innovative Harvesting Ltd. He and Ken White, the principal of Bay Yarding and Innovative Harvesting, are always available to discuss and try new ideas in their commitment to safety.

Stretch spoke about the safety gains made from being innovative and open to new ideas, but also adds that “If you don’t front up - then you can’t complain later.”

He is grateful to work for Ken White who will give things a go because let’s not forget that everything you try costs in some way.

Most recently three of the Bay Yarding crew including Stretch participated in the trial of a fatigue monitoring programme from Canadian company Fatigue Science run by PF Olsen in conjunction with Waikato University.

When asked why they were one of the first to volunteer Stretch said “We saw something that interested us as a tool and we wanted to see for ourselves just how good it could be.”

Stretch’s experience of using the Fatigue Science Rediband confirmed for him the value of such tools at work. For someone in his role “it takes the emotion and personal judgements out of the management equation. Your decision on what a person is capable of, and what you can allow them to do is based on the data.” The Fatigue Science app will show someone’s fatigue rating therefore helping a situation to be managed in a fair and honest way backed up by real evidence.

Stretch highlighted the value of having a good relationship with the crew so they are not too shy to approach him if they are concerned they are not fit for task. “If the reason is honest fatigue then it’s a ride home or a rest in the container - there are no repercussions.”

When asked about any surprises from the most recent Fatigue Science trial – “No surprises, I believe what my mum has always said – you need good sleep, or you’ll get tired” But looking at results covering several forestry work groups that show how far some people will push themselves. “To what end,” he asks.

Safety Champions are vital to the business of keeping people safe. Champions like Stretch attend training, ask questions and volunteer to try new things. Their contribution and knowledge is more valuable than they realise, and Bay Yarding’s integral part of PF Olsen’s fatigue studies has been invaluable.

An earlier Woodmatters story written at the outset of the Fatigue Science Trial can be found here; https://nz.pfolsen.com/market-info-news/wood-matters/2017/september/fatigue-science/

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