Where is New Zealand’s forestry industry heading by 2025 and 2035?

Scion is currently conducting a costs and markets outlook. Similar to our quarterly log price outlooks, the long term trending is done by eliciting information across the value chain. No single person can see the full picture. This is why Scion collates people’s perspectives, summarises the results and shares the outcome exclusively with those who provided input. Participation is strictly confidential and often includes the views of people who sit on the other side of the negotiation table.

This is the first time for this kind of outlook to be generated in the New Zealand forestry industry and we invite your participation. The outlook includes aspects on the future of forestry, harvesting, domestic processing, ports, transport & shipping, and the international markets. Different people will be able to provide information on different parts of the supply chain, and collectively, they paint the full picture.

The outlook is hosted at the following URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ScionMarketOutlook

Please participate before Monday 27 March 2017.

This work is funded by STIMBR.

For more information, contact carel.bezuidenhout@scionresearch.com