Scion - Log Price Outlook

Pruned log prices continue to disappoint


Log price outlooks carried out over the past year show a consistent optimism in pruned log price expectations, but none of those expectations have been met. The grey lines in the graph below depict outlooks based on the opinions of exporters, millers, off-shore buyers, consultants and forestry companies. The purple bars show the consolidated AgriHQ price for pruned logs over the past 15 months. It is clear that while higher prices were expected, the pruned log price has in general been sliding to lower levels.

This information is based on Scion’s quarterly log price outlook, which runs in February, May, August and November. The February outlook is now open until 26 February. Persons with an interest in the log markets are invited to cast their votes, stating where they think prices are heading in the future. The final outcome will be distributed exclusively to the participants of the outlook in early March.

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