A good thing from Frank to finish the year and a look forward to Safe Start 2018

In 2016 we wrote a Wood Matters story on Frank’s three good things.

Since then Frank retired, but his retirement did not last long, and he is back working in our operations as a manager, consultant, tutor and in a general “let’s send Frank” capacity.

Another good thing from Frank…

At the Company’s mid-year safety breakfasts, the guest speaker spoke of three fatalities in the farming industry. He gave a brief outline of the factors surrounding each. At the end of the breakfast, Frank set a task for the crew he had shared a table with, because he planned to visit their worksite the next day.

Franks task - “I want you all to think about those three fatalities as the investigator, and each of you to come up with two contributing factors that you can tell me about tomorrow.”

The next day Frank met the crew and it was an excellent discussion with every single crew member contributing. They had put some good thought into how and why those tragic incidents had occurred, and each had more than two contributing factors to share.

I was so proud of them says Frank because “…that breakfast was not just about a good feed, and they got that…” The workers at site were prepared to invest some mental energy thinking about better protections for themselves and others!

As we look forward to safe start 2018

It’s the end of the year now and organisation for the Safe Start breakfasts in 2018 is well underway. The January breakfasts provide an opportunity to reflect on all the things we did well in the previous year and reward individuals and crews that have showed excellence in safety in 2017.

This year on the Central North Island Safe Start-Up agenda is a panel type presentation of the good work done by safety committees in 2017. It is the desire of PF Olsen that everyone is inspired by the speakers and by the efforts of their workmates who have been nominated for safety awards. There will be a task of sorts set at the end of each Safe Start breakfast.

We extend our best wishes for the success of all the Safe Start breakfasts happening around the country in January.