Kaharoa Kokako Trust update

In 2009 PF Olsen felled around 4 hectares of pine trees owned by DOC in the middle of the Kokako reserve area that the Kaharoa Kokako Trust (KKT) volunteers maintain. The harvesting crew did a brilliant job, leaving a lot of standing native understory as the intention was to have this area revert to native bush.

Over 2010 and 2011 KKT volunteers pulled emerging pine seedlings until finally beaten by rampant blackberry; despite the success of healthy regrowth of native bush.

Jump ahead to 2017 where regenerating pine trees are now up to 5m tall and DOC announced a gathering of invited guests at local Rotorua restaurant Abracadabra. KKT Trustees and Peter Clark, representing PF Olsen our major sponsor, turned up to hear Hon Louise Upston, as deputy to Hon Maggie Barry the Minister of Conservation announce Department of Conservation Community Fund Grants to local Community groups.

KKT received funding for felling of these pesky seedlings and also to poison other ‘old-man’ pines scattered through the bush in a separate area; plus some funding to upgrade access roads to facilitate volunteer access to carry out our track maintenance and pest control operations.

2017 for the Trust includes managing contracts to have this work carried out, the organisation of the planned pest control next Spring, continued improvement of our current bait station network, and a neighbouring bush survey to determine spread of Kokako outside of the core protected area.

It’s hard to find a quiet moment to lie on the couch, drink a cold one and watch the sport!

Graeme Young

Kaharoa Kokako Trust