Crew leadership development

PF Olsen recently commenced another initiative to assist our valued contractors. The Certificate in Leadership training has been specifically designed to upskill our contractor foremen to better understand what is required of their role in the current industry environment. While compliance and regulation play a part in the training, the course covers a wider role and focuses on the key attributes of how to successfully lead a team.

Understanding your own personality and leadership style, dealing with conflict and being able to manage different personalities also forms part of the training. The training is not just book work either, as participants are exposed to a variety of learning techniques including group discussion, role playing and public speaking. AMS Group were tasked with designing the course and making the content applicable to a forestry audience.

While this is a significant commitment from contractors and their foremen, it provides the essential tools to ensure that all worksites are being run in a safe and productive manner, even when the principal contractor is away. Many of today's foremen and women have been promoted due to their knowledge and expertise of the practical aspects of forestry operations. But the updated health and safety legislation means their roles and responsibilities have become much more complex.

It’s now a vital part of a contractors business, not just to have people who can do the manual tasks, but to also have developed leaders within their team. For some contractors this may form part of their succession planning strategy to upskill someone from within their crew to eventually take the business over.

The courses consist of three two-day modules set approximately six weeks apart. By the end of the year the training will have been undertaken in 9 key locations across the country from Kerikeri to Invercargill. Approximately 140 foremen from a wide range of PF Olsen contractors nationwide including harvesting, forestry, roading, cartage and other service related groups are anticipated to complete the training. The initial feedback has been very positive and that the training is really hitting the spot.

Course participants undergoing a communication/teamwork exercise.