Preparing for the NES

Last week the first round of the PF Olsen Contractor and Staff Environmental Training was wound up in Gisborne. Six sessions were held over 12 months at key PF Olsen Centres to prepare for the new National Environmental Standards (NES). Topics for the training days included:

  • An introduction to the NES;
  • Environmental Advocacy;
  • HSNO Toolkits;
  • PF Olsen Prescriptions;
  • Rare species and other native fauna in our forests;
  • Native vegetation remnants;
  • Water and fish in our forests; and
  • Maori Cultural Awareness.

Guest speakers included Dr Mike Joy, Jamie Quirk (DOC Gisborne), Dr John Leathwick, Dr John Craig, Dr Adam Forbes, Lisa Forester (Northland Regional Council), Shade Smith (Triplefin Environmental Consulting), Debbie Foster (Archaeologist), Ayla Wiles (EcoGeko), Ngai Tahu and WorkSafe New Zealand.

As part of the training, workshops were also included to facilitate discussions around topics of regional importance. Each workshop included a visit to a local forest, with water testing techniques, stream crossings, sedimentation and erosion plans, archaeological sites, reserves, public/neighbour relations, and good engineering practices all covered in good robust debates between staff and contractors.

The best part of these training sessions though was getting pulled aside afterwards and being told that the training was awesome and really relevant. Many contractors hadn’t realised the full impact their actions could have, so now they understood why PF Olsen was insisting on best practice. This was great feedback to get.

The next step is to continue working with the regions and crew environmental advocates, to find out what environmental training will be most relevant going forwards, so that collectively we can all work on improving PF Olsen’s environmental culture.