Wood Matters Becomes Good Enough to Eat

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When Irma Van Wyk said that she likes to bake cookies, no-one expected what was coming next. Irma's day job is Administration Assistant at PF Olsen Australia's Western Office - Albany. Her other passion is artisan baking and creating custom cookies under the brand Bickie Blessings.

A few weeks after a visit to the Albany office by the PF Olsen Board of Directors some plain-packaged cardboard boxes arrived in Rotorua containing a range of Bickie Blessings creations. To everyone's surprise Wood Matters had been transformed into a tasty comestible.

The ingredients label includes, amongst run-of-the-mill food items, "love" and by the look on people's faces eating the cookies, they loved them all right! Not only do the cookies look great, they taste amazing.

Thanks Irma for your "Care Package" to New Zealand, and thanks for sharing your creativity and passion.

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