Customer satisfaction survey shows improving trend

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Thanks to all our customers who made the effort to return the surveys, especially those who added comments, both positive and critical. The survey responses are read by us and used to guide training, process improvement and other initiatives aimed at improving our service value. This year it was pleasing to see the response rate was up at 46% - a rate we are told is very high. Last year it was 37%.

Safety has become the most important factor, scoring 1 in the harvesting customer responses and 2 in forestry customer responses. Client satisfaction for safety scored highly with harvesting customer satisfaction responses at 3.87 and forestry customer satisfaction responses at 3.79. This indicates that PF Olsen is meeting or exceeding customer expectations for safety.

The main areas of focus for harvesting customers are value recovery, value (good value for money), environment and site conditions. The main areas of focus for forestry customers are site conditions, value (good value for money) and responsiveness.

It was also good to see that 81% of respondents would "definitely recommend" and 19% would "probably recommend" PF Olsen's services. Zero respondents would "probably not" recommend.

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