FSC® Highly Hazardous Pesticides - applications for derogation for Australian Forests

Invitation to participate in the FSC® Highly Hazardous Pesticide Derogation stakeholder consultation process

Our company is making applications to use the following chemicals in our Australian operations:

FSC® restricts the use of these chemicals in FSC® certified forests. However, where a highly hazardous pesticide is the only tool available to the forest manager, FSC® acknowledges that its controlled use may be preferable to alternatives. In these situations, forest managers may apply for permission (a derogation) to use the pesticide under specific conditions. Each of the derogation applications prepared provide details on the demonstrated need for the pesticide, controls to mitigate potential hazards, a program to identify potential alternatives to the pesticide and the stakeholder consultation process.

In collaboration with other forest managers, PF Olsen (Aus) Pty Ltd is currently developing derogation applications and is seeking feedback from our stakeholders on these applications. Understanding the diversity of interests our stakeholders present, a range of consultation opportunities are available until 16 November 2015:

  • A survey: The best way to provide input is by completing the 2015 FSC® Highly Hazardous Pesticide Derogation Stakeholder Survey (click here)
  • A paper copy: a hardcopy can be requested by contacting 1800 054 659
  • Meet with PF Olsen (Aus) Pty Ltd representatives to discuss the derogation applications and provide feedback. Please call 1800 054 659 or email ausinfo@pfoslen.com to arrange a meeting.
  • Stakeholders can provide comment on the derogation application using the following template (click here) and emailing to ausinfo@pfolsen.com or posting it to PF Olsen Australia, PO Box 278, Hamilton, VIC, 3301.
  • If sufficient interest is identified public and/or online forums will be held with interested stakeholders at a time and place to be determined. Those stakeholders who advise they would like this opportunity will be contacted regarding these opportunities.

Further detail regarding the consultation opportunities is presented in the Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Summary available on the FSC® Australia website. Stakeholders are encouraged to include comments on the overall support for the derogation requests, as well as including comments on the additional controls you would like to see and information about alternatives.

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