Repeat orders for PF Olsen Containerised Tree Stocks for Harsh Southland Sites

PF Olsen has been supplying containerised Radiata pine tree stocks to a forestry management company based in the southern South Island for the past three years.

“When we got the first order we were pleased to have interest from Otago/Southland, but because of the long freighting distance, we didn’t anticipate repeat orders”, says Dawn Lewis, PF Olsen’s Tree Stock Sales Manager. “However, the client has been so thrilled with the tree stocks’ performance, they’ve come back for more orders three times in a row. We are told the tree stocks are being used on harsh and exposed sites and are performing very well.”

Kevin Haine, PF Olsen’s Nursery Manager, explains: “The orders were dispatched in refrigerated transporters from our nursery at Waiuku (South Auckland) and due to the reasonable size of the order and efficient logistics, we could get them to the client cost-effectively. We are finding that with enough advanced notice and for bigger orders, we can get competitive freight costs.

“This is a great example of how the even forest growers at the other end of the country can enjoy the unique qualities of containerised tree stocks at a competitive price."

If you want to know more about the benefits of planting containerised tree stocks grown and PF Olsen’s Nursery and a quote for supply, call Kevin on 021 402 148, or email at kevin.haine@pfolsen.com.

Containerised tree stocks from PF Olsen’s Nursery at Waiuku (South Auckland) have found favour for establishing forests on harsh sites in Otago/Southland.


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