An update on the Log Price Outlook

In February SCION, in collaboration with Wood Matters, invited a wide range of people to share their expectations concerning log prices for the future. Thirty-nine people from various companies and different parts of the supply chain participated. At that point in time there was a convincing sentiment that prices will decline towards May and will then start picking up again later. The predicted decline in log prices since February has materialised, as seen in the graph below. The grey lines show the average price that was predicted by the majority of participants in the survey. Dark blue bars indicate the actual. The significant drop in prices exceeded the negative expectations that were already voiced in February.

Log Price forecast

During May SCION is repeating this forecast and would like to invite as many people as possible to vote online and tell us where they think future log prices are heading. Voting is confidential and takes 3 - 5 minutes. At the end of May a summary document will be produced and will be distributed exclusively to those who have participated. The plan is to repeat this every three months.

Click here for more information and to participate in the Log Price Outlook for May 2015.

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