"Reasonable Cause" Drug and Alcohol Training

In May PF Olsen, in partnership with TDDA, ran a series of workshops for staff and contractors on reasonable cause drug and alcohol testing. The decision to call for a drug and alcohol test is never taken lightly and the aim of the workshops was to provide the skills and knowledge to legally and appropriately instigate a reasonable cause test. The programme was well-supported by our larger forest owners who actively support a `zero tolerance' approach to minimising the effects of alcohol and drugs in the forestry workplace.

At the moment we have a pre-employment and random testing programme in place administered by PF Olsen and managed by a collective of contractors and staff. The programme is running well but random testing has its limitations. The knowledge and understanding gained from these workshops provided employers with another tool to work on achieving drug and alcohol-free workplaces.

The workshops not only increased the awareness of the impairment effects of drugs and alcohol and confidence to go through a reasonable cause testing procedure, it was also a great opportunity to share stories, open lines of communication, dispel a few myths and see things from new perspectives.

If you listen carefully you can hear the culture changing.

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