PF Olsen Supports Young Farmer Competition

The 2015 Young Farmer Contest Grand Final was held in Taupo in early July and the Agri-Skills Challenge this year included a "Farm Forestry" section co-ordinated by local members of the NZ Farm Forestry Association.

PF Olsen was asked to provide some of the resources required, with the main challenge being to "relocate" eight Radiata pine trees to the Tongariro Domain in the centre of town.

These trees were to be "replanted" back in the ground, ready for contestants to prune, measure, fell and de-limb.

Thanks to Wayne Cumming Contracting and Self Loader Logging, the trees were successfully felled, extracted, loaded into a bin-truck, and delivered to the event venue.

PF Olsen also provided containerised tree seedlings, which contestants were required to plant, after calculating required spacings to achieve a target stocking rate.

Congratulations to Matt Bell of Aorangi who took out the Grand Champion award.

Felling and loading

Selecting, felling and loading the trees for the competition. Care was needed to minimise damage to the branches.


Trees solidly "replanted" at the Tongariro Domain in the centre of Taupo ready for competitors to prune, measure, fell and de-limb.


PF Olsen Nursery supplied containerised tree seedlings for the competitors to plant after calculating the required spacing to achieve a desired stocking.

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