PF Olsen summarises environmental performance

Responsible management of the environment is a core value for PF Olsen and is becoming more widely recognised in terms of regulatory compliance and acceptance of wood products in certain markets.

PF Olsen operates New Zealand's only national FSC Certification Group scheme which offers cost-effective environmental certification for smaller forest owners.

As part of a process of open and honest disclosure and continuous improvement, PF Olsen has just released a self-written report on its environmental performance against key performance indicators.

Whilst PF Olsen is subject to a range of client-initiated, ISO and FSC external audits, the report aims to demonstrate to a wider audience that PF Olsen takes environmental responsibility seriously and that well-managed forestry is good for the environment.

"Whilst we are a bit concerned that we are becoming more of a target by issuing such a report - `warts and all' ", explains Kit Richards, PF Olsen Environment Manager, "We believe that the process of disclosure and engagement with key stakeholders in the community is an essential step in achieving the best environmental outcomes and achieving continuous management improvement."

Please click here for a copy of the report.