Forests in a broader context


The theme "Beyond Tenure" for the upcoming ANZIF conference is very timely.

PF Olsen Australia has been working with clients on a range of landscape level issues from agricultural opportunities to conservation initiatives and, of course, fire. In the post-MIS wash-up in particular, a closer look at highest and best use for harvested or mature plantations is essential for investors to fully realise the potential of Australia's current plantation estate.

While this is a fairly obvious point of consideration, there are a range of other areas where alternative ways of managing forested land in the context of the broader physical and economic landscape are important.

Most recently I have been part of a leadership group including private and government land managers looking at how best to manage rapidly expanding koala populations in south-western Victoria. PF Olsen Australia is also actively involved in a number of cross-tenure conservation initiatives in both Western Australia and Victoria.

In the eastern Australian natural forests, there is a compelling argument for substantial improvement in cross-tenure and even interstate collaboration to deal with the expanding degradation caused by noxious weed invasion which negatively impacts the ability of those forests to regenerate.

There are undoubtedly many other areas of innovation in management from which forest managers can gain the benefit of learnings from other land and resource management activities, particularly in technology, and I am looking forward to seeing some positive outcomes from the conference in that space.