Forest Grower Levy Support for Steep Land Harvesting Research

Alpine grappleIn recognition of the work this programme is doing to improve the productivity, cost efficiency and safety of harvesting on steep land, the Forest Grower Levy Trust has allocated $250,000 of levy funds to support this programme in its final 18 months. The Trust has also acknowledged the programme has been a catalyst in encouraging a new round of innovation in harvesting. The funding will enable the full amount of funding available from the governments Primary Growth Partnership scheme to be accessed without any increase in member fees. 

The FFR Board and Members are extremely appreciative of the levy trust support for this programme and will make available most of the outputs from the programme to the wider industry.

Diverse Species Research Funding


With the completion of the FFR Diverse species research programme in October 2013, no government funding has been available to support research into other species. The Forest Grower Levy Trust along with Scion have continued to support a small programme and during 2014 a new proposal to secure funding was developed by researchers from Scion, University of Canterbury and the NZ Dryland Forests Initiative based in Marlborough. It is being led by industry owned Future Forests Research Ltd. With the support of the Forest Growing Levy Trust, and a number of industry investors including Farm Forestry Association who have an interest in Douglas fir, cypress species and Eucalypt species, a funding proposal was submitted to MBIE in December 2014. The proposal is now going through MBIE's evaluation and review process and if successful the aim will be to start the new programme in July 2015.

The proposal, supported by forest growing and processing organisations, has a whole of value chain approach from wood products to genetics and if approved will be a first in the forest industry. It aims to raise the confidence of both processors and growers to invest in the growing and development of new wood products for specialty markets.