Department of Conservation praises PF Olsen support for Kokako project

The Department of Conservation reported PF Olsen's continued support of the Kaharoa Kokako Trust (KKT) with its continued sponsorship of the Trust for another three years.

Department of Conservation (DOC) Partnerships Manager Helen Neale said "One of DOC's aims is to seek ways to double conservation gains through effective partnerships with businesses, iwi and the wider community. The relationship between PF Olsen and KKT is a great model where both organisations contribute to the wellbeing of the land."

The funding provided by PF Olsen contributes to the Trust's Kokako Nest Egg - an investment fund set up to ensure the ongoing work to protect kokako at Kaharoa can continue into the future. Details on how you can contribute to the Kokako Nest Egg and more information on the trust can be found on the Kaharoa Kokako Trust website.

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