NZ Wood - Love our Forests

The concept "Love our forests" underpins all the reasons that forestry is great. We have used real people to tell the story and in the process, found some great talent lurking in the forestry industry!

For this first phase of the campaign we have chosen three key areas:

The economic benefits of forests;

The environmental benefits of forests, and;

The recreational benefits of forests.

These three themes have been created for both billboards and magazines/newspapers.

The billboards are being placed at Wellington airport – one external billboard and two internal digital billboards. For those with existing billboards NZ Wood can provide the billboard images for your use if you want to upgrade. For any new billboards (and we encourage you to consider this) NZ Wood will provide the image / skin and the company would provide frame.

The print campaign is running in Kia Ora magazine (Air New Zealand's inflight magazine), NZ Logger and Sunday Star Times.

This first phase of the campaign will run through until March/April 2016.

The NZ Forest Owners Association is undertaking research to assist in understanding current perspectives and perceptions about the forestry industry which will help shape the strategy of future advertising and public relations work. They welcome your comments and feedback on the campaign.